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Welcome to Ancestor- Brickwalls

Welcome to Ancestor-Brickwalls website.


You know how really frustrating it is!
You are sailing on happily with your genealogy / family history research, when you hit that inevitable proverbial brickwall with one or many of your ancestors! It is one simple fact of life that every genealogist faces, those dreaded ancestor-brickwalls - the wanted names!. You have reached a brickwall, but not necessarily a dead end.

So you are looking for that brickwall? Stuck on that wanted name that you cannot find any information for? You have exhausted the traditional avenues of research and don’t know where to go next. Need to get some genealogy links to help?

Well, this site is for you! On this site you can:

  • Add your own Ancestor Brickwalls.
  • Search for those Ancestor Brickwalls.
  • Other users will be able to search and link with you.
  • Link with others around the world and start exchanging your family history / genealogy!

Tear Down Those Brick Walls - Ancestor by Ancestor with our help using our Ancestor-Brickwall system. 

Its easy! Start now by registering and then start entering as many ancestor brickwalls as you want.

What is Genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of the descendants of families and persons from an ancestor or ancestors. This study is undertaken by many people out of interest in their personal and family origins. As a hobby it can become pleasantly (No really!) addictive, at least to the person concerned that is!

The study is also undertaken professionally, not just in order to provide a commercial service that can be used by people who are seeking help in researching their origins, but also for very serious legal and financial reasons, for example, where a person has died with out leaving a will and with no known family decendants.

Because of this there are accepted standards for doing genealogy "correctly and properly" - standards that we recommend you seek to learn and emulate.

The term Family History ..........................
How to Start your Genealogy

How You Begin your Genealogy / Family History:

Family history can be an extremely interesting and absorbing hobby. However, if not tackled in a methodical way, it can also become very frustrating and even expensive.

To avoid such pitfalls it is important to go through this time honoured list of preliminaries.

1) Note the names of your close family and draw a rough family tree, starting with yourself at the bottom. If you are only able to go back as far as your grandparents, you are doing alright, particularly if you can fill in most or all of the birth, marriage and death (BMD) dates.
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doyle - Wexford
Date(s) : 1852 + 1880
hotstone - All UK Countries
Date(s) : 1700-2011
FLETCHER - Other Europe
Date(s) : 1923 to 1990
Fletcher - All UK Countries
Date(s) : 1923 to 1990
Hall - Canada
Date(s) : 1960c to 1984
Mather - Lancashire
Date(s) : 1650-1750
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